08 Jul 2016

All 5 Police Officers Killed In Dallas Shooting Have Been Identified

What a tragic and senseless loss for the Dallas area, Police communities, and for the friends and families of these fallen officers.   Fox News Insider: Five Dallas police officers were killed Thursday night when a sniper opened fire on them at a rally against police brutality. The gunman was

Abbott: Texas Won't Be An Accomplice To Iran's Terrorist Activity
17 May 2016

Abbott: Texas Won’t Be An Accomplice To Iran’s Terrorist Activity

Good for Texas. The Obama administration should be sending Iran the same message, not trying to be best friends with them. Fox New Insider: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott explained his decision to maintain economic sanctions against Iran despite the Obama Administration’s request to lift them. Abbott says he will seek

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12 May 2016

2013 West Texas Fertilizer Blast That Killed 15 Was Arson

The ATF government agents are super fast at their work. It only took them three years to figure this out. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Fox News: Officials launched a hunt Wednesday for possible criminal suspects in the 2013 explosion that killed 15 people at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, after

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04 Apr 2016

ARMED Black Panther Activists Disrupt Pro-Constitutional Anti Sharia Rally In Texas

A group of armed activists from the Huey P. Newton Gun Club joined with local residents to protest against an anti-Islam rally taking place in front of a mosque in Dallas, Saturday. According to Infowars members of the New Black Panther Party lined Luther King Jr. Boulevard in response to

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12 Feb 2016

University Of Texas Police Give Preacher Citation For ‘Offending’ Students (Video)

Freedom of speech?   Via Daily Caller: The University of Texas at Austin police department issued a disorderly conduct citation to an outdoor preacher on Tuesday after students complained that his message had offended them. The preacher, who was standing just off campus, recorded his interaction with several university police

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13 Jan 2016

Boom! Texas Passes Law PERMANENTLY BANNING Islamic Sharia Law!

VIA| Once again the nation looks to Texas for the way things ought to be. This time the Texas Legislature has passed a law permanently barring Muslims from trying to institute their own sharia-based savagery on their own communities in the Lone Star State. Shoebat.com reports that the anti-sharia law was

Texas School District Approves Arming Teachers... Even Provides The Handguns
21 Dec 2015

Texas School District Approves Arming Teachers… Even Provides The Handguns

The world has changed, and so has the superintendent’s opinion on the matter. After every mass-shooting that takes place on a school campus, the public asks why educators are not allowed to be armed in order to protect themselves and their students in the event of an attack. One school

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17 Dec 2015

Texas Comes Up With Brilliant New “Vetting Process” For Refugees… Muslims Are Going To Freak Out!

As President Barack Obama continues to push his plan to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States over the next year, lawmakers in many states are becoming increasingly determined to find ways to stop it. Newsmax reported that some Texas lawmakers have suggested making any refugees entering their state take

01 Dec 2015

Texas Dem Says Syrian Refugees Already At Southern Border

Says plan needed to deal with coming wave.   Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar, who represents the area around Laredo, says Syrian refugees are already hitting America’s territory via the southern border and something needs to be done. Speaking with News Radio 1200 WOAI, Cuellar said it is time to stop debating refugees who could come

24 Nov 2015

Planned Parenthood Sues Texas Over Threat To Cut Medicaid Funding

Lawsuit likely to go nowhere. Via Reuters: Planned Parenthood, other women’s health providers and a group of women in need of reproductive healthcare sued Texas on Monday, seeking to halt its threatened cut in Medicaid funding, a move they said was more about politics than healthcare.   The suit filed