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02 Apr 2016

Muslims March in Germany Chanting “With Allah’s Help, We Shall Conquer You” (VIDEO)

They seem to be assimilating quite well, no? Muslims march down a German street chanting, “With Allah’s help, we shall conquer you!” What lovely citizens. Turkish nationalists in Germany, “With Allah’s help, we shall conquer You”. Is this vibrant cultural diversity? pic.twitter.com/iE5jzbJN0f — The Skull (@AusAesthetics) March 31, 2016

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28 Mar 2016

France: 25% Of French Teenagers Are Muslim… 1 in 5 Support ISIS

A new study released in February found that 25% of French teenagers are Muslim. One-in-four are Muslims. ME Forum reported: An investigation of the French youths’ religious beliefs was conducted last spring by Ipsos. It surveyed nine thousand high school pupils in their teens on behalf of the French National Center

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26 Mar 2016

Muslim Dairy Queen Owner Installs Signs Comparing Hindus To Monkeys

Coexisting. Via Fox News: The Hindu community is calling on a Muslim Dairy Queen franchise owner to take down signs from his Houston-area business that compare Hindus to monkeys.   Mohammad Dar, a 65-year-old Muslim and U.S. citizen from Pakistan, claims he is not prejudiced for installing the signs — instead

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25 Mar 2016

ISIS Video: “Holy War Against Infidels Is An integral Part Of Islam”

Now that he mentions it. CAIRO (Reuters) – Islamic State released a video on social media on Thursday calling on its followers to claim victory and wage jihad after deadly blasts in Brussels this week that the group said it had carried out.   In the footage, Islamic State noted

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25 Mar 2016

Anti-Muslim Sentiment Spreads Like Wildfire Across U.S. After Brussels Attack

Gee, we wonder why? Via USA Today: Cities across the USA are preparing for the next phase that inevitably follows a terror attack: anti-Muslim backlash.   Across social media, in public forums on college campuses, and even in mainstream political rhetoric from presidential candidates, anger over the deadly terror attacks

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22 Mar 2016

Muslim Migrants Attack ’60 Minutes Australia’ Crew In Sweden

But they’re just looking for a safe place to live? Via The Blaze: Three weeks after being attacked while filming in a migrant-heavy district of Sweden’s capital, “60 Minutes Australia” has finally aired the footage of the attack.   The crew, upon arriving to the Rinkeby district of Stockholm on

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15 Mar 2016

Mom Looking For Lost 4-Year-Old… Discovers Muslim Refugee’s Sick Plans

A desperate mother was led to a secluded grotto where she discovered why a refugee had abducted her child. A mother was at an indoor water park when she quickly realized her 4-year-old little boy had gone missing. After following the trail of a Muslim asylum seeker, she immediately knew

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15 Mar 2016

Pakistani Clerics Denounce Law Protecting Women From Sexual Assault As “Un-Islamic”

Naturally. LAHORE: An all-parties conference convened by Jamaat-i-Islami and attended by powerful religious groups asked the government on Tuesday to retract an “un-Islamic” law that gives unprecedented protection to female victims of violence.   The Women’s Protection Act, passed by Punjab Assembly last month, gives legal protection to women from

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11 Mar 2016

Muslim Migrants Brutally Beat Father For Family’s ‘Violation’ Of Sharia Law…

One family had reservations about the demands of Sharia law, so they decided to refrain from adhering to the controversial laws. However, that didn’t sit well with a group of Muslim migrants, who thought it was only fair to make an example out of the family for “violating” the law. Unfortunately,