05 Apr 2016

DISGUSTING: Rapper Azealia Banks Calls For Sarah Palin To Be Brutally Gang-Raped By Black Men

It seems that Palin Derangement Syndrome still lives on.  On Monday, Breitbart.com reported that rapper Azealia Banks tweeted several messages calling for former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be gang-raped by a group of black men, then “locked in a cupboard.” Banks deleted the tweets but not before they were

02 Apr 2016

Live Video: Donald Trump & Sarah Palin Town Hall In Racine, WI At Noon Central

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and Governor Sarah Palin will hold a town hall event today at the Racine Civic Center in Racine, Wisconsin. The event will begin at noon Central time. The doors open at 10 AM. Here’s the livestream from the Racine event: [embedded content] Last night Sarah Palin stumped

02 Apr 2016

Sarah Palin Stumps For Trump In Wisconsin (Video)

Sarah Palin touched down in Wisconsin today to ‘Stump for Trump’ this weekend. Sarah Palin reminded Wisconsin voters that the middle class has been decimated by DC politicians losing 100,000 jobs to Mexico and China thanks to bad trade deals. Just touched down in the great state of Wisconsin to

15 Mar 2016

Sarah Palin: We Don’t Have Time for “That Punka$$ Little Thuggery Stuff” (Smoking Hot Video)

This is why we love Sarah Palin. Sarah joined Donald Trump in Florida today. She went off on all the violent little punka$$ commie protesters targeting the Trump rallies. What we don’t have time for is all that petty punka$$ little thuggery stuff that has been going on with these “protesters”

14 Mar 2016

Todd Palin Hospitalized After Serious Snow Machine Accident

Todd Palin is in intensive care at an Alaskan hospital with injuries including multiple broken and fractured ribs,… Posted by Sarah Palin on Monday, March 14, 2016   Sarah Palin canceled a campaign stop for Donald Trump in Florida on Monday after her husband Todd was injured in a snowmobile crash

11 Mar 2016

Palin Responds To Cruz Attacks…

Ted Cruz insulted Donald Trump supporters yesterday in an interview on the Christian Broadcasting Network. Cruz thinks the Trump voters are stupid. Nice. On Thursday Trump supporter Sarah Palin responded to the latest insults. “Cruz’s latest dig strays from humorous into downright nasty.” Sarah Palin shreds Cruz’s record in textbook fashion. (Not

03 Mar 2016

Sarah Palin Responds To Mitt: Trump’s Favorables Just Rose Again… Silly Man

Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney called Donald Trump a phony, fraud and con artist … Then he challenged the Republican front-runner to respond to his uncivil attacks with civility. The former failed GOP nominee attacked Donald Trump with venom of a thousand snakes. Who needs Democrats when you got

02 Mar 2016

Sarah Palin: Trump vs Hillary

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said that politicians like Hillary Clinton that have “been part of the problem all these years”, are now “trying to fool America into thinking that they’re going to be now the solution. They’ve had their chance.”

11 Feb 2016

Happy Birthday Gov. Sarah Palin!

Wishing you a happy birthday, from the bottom of my heart. Contribute to SarahPAC today! https://www.sarahpac.com/contribute/

03 Feb 2016

Sarah Palin: Time to Call Out the Jackals In the Lamestream. Again.

Time to Call Out the Jackals In the Lamestream. Again.A quick behind the scenes look at how disingenuous the media is;… Posted by Sarah Palin on Wednesday, February 3, 2016