Fifth-Grade Teacher Gets Schooled By Parents After Gender-Neutral Grammar Lessons... Gay Activists Furious
29 Sep 2017

Fifth-Grade Teacher Gets Schooled By Parents After Gender-Neutral Grammar Lessons… Gay Activists Furious

Just another social justice warrior that has infected a school… The backlash from parents was intense. I would take my kids out of that school fast so they wouldn’t be subject to someone so devoid of common sense. Stick to teaching facts not brainwashing 101. She’s being transferred to adult ed. Gay

28 Nov 2015

COURT RECORDS: Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooter NOT Republican, Identifies As Woman

Police detained a shooter at a Planned Parenthood building Friday afternoon, according to Colorado Springs police. Four police officers and five civilians were injured in a shooting. Three people died including Police Officer Garrett Swasey. Local media captured video of the shooter being led away in handcuffs.   WATCH: @denverpost captures

09 Aug 2015

Angry Customers Ditch Target Stores After They Remove Gender-Based Signage

Target is bringing Americans one step closer to a gender-neutral society. The department store chain announced what it called “something exciting” Friday. After some customers complained about certain toys’ being designated as appropriate for girls, it is doing away with signs denoting gender classifications. “Over the past year, guests have raised important questions about a

04 Aug 2015

Teachers Urged To Teach Gender Fluidity In Classrooms

The National Council of Teachers of English has published its “Diverse Gender Expression and Gender Non-Conformity Curriculum” which urges English teachers of middle- and high school students to infuse discussions about the “complex” nature of gender into their classroom lessons – that is, ensuring students don’t limit “gender” to mean

14 Jun 2015

Susan Sarandon Tells Oprah ➠ So Excited ‘By The Fluidity Of Gender That’s Happening’

Susan Sarandon Tells Oprah: So Excited ‘By the Fluidity of Gender That’s Happening’ Actress Susan Sarandon has long lurched to the radical left, so maybe it’s not surprising that she would express excitement at the Trans-sexual revolution under way. She told Oprah Winfrey that she’s all for this “gender fluidity”