06 Jan 2017

LOL: Paul Ryan Can’t Stop Laughing As Dems Lose Their Minds Trying To Stop Electoral Count

Can you imagine if this happened with republicans doing the protesting! I don’t recall this type of activity when Obama won the presidency! It’s time to just move on… Daily Caller: Speaker of the House Paul Ryan couldn’t hide his smile when Vice President Joe Biden repeatedly told protesting Democrats

Speaker Ryan Furious Obama Didn’t Sign Troop Pay Raise Before Going On Vacation
24 Dec 2016

Speaker Ryan Furious Obama Didn’t Sign Troops Pay Raise Before His Vacation

His pen probably ran out of ink because of signing all the drug dealer pardons… Townhall: Last week, Congress presented President Obama with the National Defense Authorization Act of 2017, legislation which would provide our troops with the biggest pay raise in six years. He didn’t sign it – and

29 Oct 2016

Paul Ryan: Clinton’s Classified Briefings Should Be Suspended

Paul Ryan is just renewing his call for Hillary’s classified briefing to be suspended. Why should she be trusted with classified information when she has already proven she can’t be trusted with it?     The Hill: Speaker Paul Ryan blasted Hillary Clinton over the Friday news that the FBI

20 Jun 2016

Ryan Slams Obama Administration For Redacted Orlando Transcripts

What is the Obama administration’s motive behind not releasing the full transcript? It has already been stated that he was inspired by ISIS and targeted the LGBT community on purpose. Why are the Obama administration and the Liberals so afraid to say that radical Islam is right here in our

Sarah Palin BLASTS Paul Ryan For His Gutless Reaction On Radical Islamic Terrorism
13 Jun 2016

Sarah Palin BLASTS Paul Ryan For His Gutless Reaction On Radical Islamic Terrorism

Sarah Palin nails the issue squarely on the head once again with refreshing candor, that’s so lacking in the permanent political class. Breitbart: Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin blasted House Speaker Paul Ryan for his gutless reaction on radical Islamic terrorism — and for his criticisms of presumptive GOP nominee Donald

29 Oct 2015

Paul Ryan Elected House Speaker

He can’t be any worse than weepy. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

PAUL RYAN ➠ Obama Helped Bibi Netanyahu Win in a Landslide ➠ VIDEO
18 Mar 2015

Paul Ryan ➠ Obama Helped Bibi Netanyahu Win In A Landslide ➠ VIDEO

PAUL RYAN: Obama Helped Bibi Netanyahu Win in a Landslide (VIDEO) Rep. Paul Ryan told FOX and Friends this morning that Barack Obama helped Netanyahu win Tuesday’s national elections. The Obama Administration spent 350,00 in taxpayer dollars to help defeat the Israeli leader. “I think it’s great. I think he’s