Tomi Lahren Has Fiery Exchange With The Ladies Of The View (Video)
17 Mar 2017

Tomi Lahren Has Fiery Exchange With The Ladies Of The View (Video)

Tomi Lahren appeared on The View and held her own in a fiery exchange as she was surrounded by ultra left wing women who absolutely despise President Donald Trump. So was Whoopi Goldberg missing in action because she’s not that intolerant of other viewpoints? Wink… wink! TGP:   The View:

05 Apr 2016

Hillary Doubles Down: Child Just Before Birth Has No Constitutional Rights (Video)

She keeps digging. Via Free Beacon: Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton said Tuesday she does not believe that a child has any constitutional rights on his or her due date moments before birth.   Clinton made her comment during an appearance on The View in response to a question posed

16 Mar 2016

Melissa Harris-Perry Compares Her Show Getting Canceled To WORKING AS A SLAVE… I Will Not Be Network’s ‘Mammy’

The true racists are the ones always screaming racism… Former MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry is obsessed with comparing her entire life to that of a black slave circa the 19th century. ** In February she compared illegal immigrants to slaves. ** Last May she said the NBA was all about

26 Feb 2016

Raven-Symone: ‘If Any Republican Gets Nominated, I’m Going To Move To Canada’

On Thursday’s broadcast of “The View,” host Raven-Symone promised to move her entire family to Canada if a single Republican is nominated during the election, which is an extremely odd thing to say considering there will 100 percent be a Republican nominee coming out of the primary. “My confession for

01 Nov 2015

Carly Fiorina Responds To ‘The View’ Hosts Who Made Fun Of Her Appearance

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina responded to the jokes the ladies of “The View” made at her expense after the last GOP debate — particularly regarding her appearance — Sunday morning. The hosts of “The View” joked following last week’s GOP debate that Fiorina’s face looked “demented” or like a

30 Oct 2015

Watch CNN Anchor SLAM The View For Trashing Fiorina

  CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin calls herself a longtime fan of The View and for some reason thinks Joy Behar is the funniest person on TV, but that didn’t stop Baldwin from slamming the ladies of The View for a huge double standard, trashing Carly Fiorina’s looks in a post-debate chat.

17 Oct 2015

Ann Coulter Takes Down ‘The View’s’ Raven Symone In One Epic Video!

This is great! Raven Symone came under fire for saying she wouldn’t hire someone who had a “ghetto name” and then tried to tell Ann Coulter she was “mudslinging”. Watch a classic Ann Coulter throw down!

07 Oct 2015

Into The Lions Den: Dr. Ben Carson Argues Against Abortion On ‘The View’

For Democratic politicians, going on the view ensures a comfortable softball time. For conservatives like Dr. Ben Carson, you are guaranteed to be grilled and what’s great about Carson is, not only doesn’t he shy away from his beliefs or sugar coat them for to fix the audience, he puts

22 Jun 2015

On The View ➠ Rosie Perez Struggles Badly To List Hillary’s Accomplishments

On ‘The View,’ Co-Host Rosie Perez Struggles Badly to List Hillary’s Accomplishments On Thursday’s edition of The View on ABC, co-host Rosie Perez took offense at Jeb Bush for suggesting Hillary Clinton had no accomplishments in the Senate or as Secretary of State in an interview with Sean Hannity on