University Students Vote To Demand School Make Gay Faculty Members A “Protected Class”


University Students Vote To Demand School Make Gay Faculty Members A “Protected Class”…

Via College Fix:

The student government at a Christian university in Washington recently passed a resolution that aimed to protect lesbian, gay, and bisexual faculty by calling on campus officials to add sexual orientation as a “protected class” in the university’s employee handbook.


As a protected class, faculty at Whitworth University who identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual could not be targeted at the Christian institution for discrimination, harassment or retaliation.


“Be it resolved that the administration add ‘sexual orientation’ to the list of protected classed [in]the Employee Handbook for Faculty & Staff under the section entitled Policy Prohibiting Discrimination Harassment and Retaliation,” the student resolution stated.


It was approved after some of the 3 percent of homosexual faculty and staff members on campus met with students through a series of events – workshops and the like – and talked of their struggles.


Yet, the administration at Whitworth University, located in Spokane, W.A., has no current plans to implement the resolution, an official recently told The College Fix. More

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