16 Antifa Protesters Arrested After They Clash With Police, Chanting Kill Police Officers (Video)

Why haven’t these goons been labeled a terrorist group yet? Protesting a group supporting the police while the police are there is just stupid. Just how many Tide Pods did these goons eat?

Why on earth weren’t they all these Antifa thugs arrested and charged with making terroristic threats, complete with having to post bond to get out?

But Cuomo says they’re on the “side of right…”


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Police say 16 Antifa protesters were arrested on Saturday after clashing with officers in Center City.

Organizers of the protest rallied dozens to meet at City Hall to oppose the Blue Lives Matter March being held at the Liberty Bell.

Philadelphia police say 75 Antifa protesters were in the area of Broad and Arch Streets around 11:30 a.m. During the protest, police say, several members started to fight with police. Sixteen Antifa protesters were arrested. Nine of those protesters were issued citations and seven were charged with disorderly conduct.

The Blue Lives Matter March, organized by a popular group called Sports Beer & Politics II, began at 10:30 a.m. Saturday on Market Street.

“In spite of all the negative press towards police, we want to show our support of our men and women in blue,” wrote Zachary Rehl, the Blue Lives Matter event organizer. More

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