16 #BlackLivesMatter Tantrum-Throwers Arrested For Trespassing After Occupation At Baltimore City Hall

16 #BlackLivesMatter Tantrum-Throwers Arrested For Trespassing After Occupation At Baltimore City Hall

No, the female police officer isn’t ‘black just like we is’, in any other situation you would be calling her a race traitor and spitting at her. And Adam, what are you doing with property if you’re a communist, redistribute it like you should! The leaders, including the Soros-paid assistant professor, Lawrence Brown, left last night, they let the laa take the fall this morning.



Baltimore police disbanded an overnight occupation of City Hall by activists who say they want a voice in the process of selecting a permanent police commissioner, and at least 16 people could be seen being led away to police vehicles early Thursday.


At least 25 police officers converged at the front entrance of the building hours before dawn as activists were still inside participating in a sit-in over numerous demands for better policing. Several of the demonstrators could be seen by an Associated Press reporter as they were led off in plastic handcuffs and loaded into transport vehicles at about 4 a.m.


“It is our duty to fight for our freedom! We have nothing to lose but our chains!” others watching the police operation shouted at the More

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