25 Killed In Bombing Outside U.S. Base In Afghanistan


Via NY Times:

A suicide car bomber killed at least 25 people and wounded 15 on Sunday outside a United States base in Afghanistan’s southeastern province of Khost, the site of a suicide attack in 2009 that left seven C.I.A. operatives dead.


Provincial security officials in Khost said the car bomber had intended to penetrate the base, Camp Chapman, a major facility at the height of the American military presence, also known as Forward Operating Base Chapman.


The base, near the Pakistan border, was the site of an attack on Dec. 30, 2009, in which a double agent wearing an explosive vest detonated it inside the facility, killing seven employees of the C.I.A. The Taliban asserted responsibility for that attack, one of the worst casualty losses in the C.I.A.’s history. More

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