Medal Of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer: ‘Release The Gates Of Hell’ On ISIS (Video)

Dakota Meyer is 100% correct. We have to put fear into their hearts. We have to kick their butts, that’s the only thing they really understand. ISIS considers the USA and Europe weak-willed and not able to stomach the war that we need to wage on it.

These people are sociopaths that only recruit the mentally weak. The only real solution is to hunt them down and kill them every last one of them. 

FNI: In the wake of the horrific terror attack in Manchester, England, Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer says it’s time to strike fear into the heart of ISIS.

On “Fox & Friends” this morning, Meyer said we must “release the gates of hell” on the terrorist group and make the fight so ugly that it hurts their ability to recruit new militants.

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“You can’t just ignore this problem, because it’s going to come here,” Meyer warned.

He said he’s glad that President Trump is in the White House, because that means we have a commander-in-chief who’s committed to fighting radical Islamic terror and who won’t let us be the victims. More

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