An Elementary Teacher Gets a Death Threat from a Kid in Class ➠ How She Reacts Gets Her Suspended


When a student with a history of behavioral problems threatened to kill his teacher, McClendon Elementary School teacher Judy Stough, the teacher locked the 4th grader out of the classroom while she called for help.

Now, she’s the one suspended from the school. Officials claim she “escalated the incident,” according to a report at CBS-DFW.

One of the students told reporters:

“He kept banging on the door trying to get in and yelling at and threatening us,” said fourth grader Cheyenne Wilson. “I was worried but I wasn’t crying, most of the kids were crying.”

While Stough attempted to calm the remaining students and waited for assistance, she was texting another teacher. One text read:

“Scares the hell out of my kids. One about to pee her pants.”

After the situation was resolved, Cheyenne wanted to call home:

“I asked them if I could call my parents and they said no.”

Parents are standing up for the teacher. Cheyenne Wilson’s mom is keeping her home, and told the TV station:

“I would just rather pay truancy and make sure she’s safe then send her to school and let her get hurt.”

The acting superintendent of Community ISD has scheduled a meeting with the parents to discuss the incident.

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