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4 Americans Being Held In Yemen By Rebels


4 Americans Being Held In Yemen By Rebels

Americans stuck in Yemen have been calling for weeks for help, and were basically told by the State Department to lump it, and look elsewhere for help. Now the news some are being held, the State Department says it’s our “top priority”.

Via Fox News:

At least four Americans reportedly are being held by rebels in Yemen who toppled the U.S.-backed government, and the State Department said Saturday it is “doing everything we can to get these individuals released.”


The Washington Post, citing unnamed sources, reported that attempts to free the Americans have failed. The four are believed to be imprisoned in the Yemen capital of Sanaa, which Saudi Arabia has repeatedly bombed in a campaign to oust the Houthi rebels from power, the newspaper reported.


“We have seen reports that several U.S. citizens have recently been detained in Yemen,” the State Department said in a statement. “We are doing everything we can to get these individuals released.


“Due to privacy considerations, we do not have any further personal details or information to share,” the agency said. “The protection of U.S. citizens abroad is a top priority.” More

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