6 Islamic Converts Arrested… Planning To Carry Out Attack On Sex Clubs Before Joining ISIS

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France’s anti-terror police have arrested six people who allegedly planned to attack sex clubs and leave for Syria.

The group of five men and a woman, who had already bought bus tickets to join ISIS in Syria via Bulgaria and Turkey, were arrested outside the French city of Lyon.

At least two of them were planning to obtain weapons to attack French nightspots and then leave Syria-bound after 8 February, according to French security forces.

The suspects had converted to Islam and were in the radar of French intelligence for extremist views.

French authorities said the suspects were known for ‘active proselytism, their allegiance to Daesh, or their calls for Jihad’.

European extremists with the Islamic State group returned to France to carry out the Nov. 13 attacks that left 130 dead in Paris, most at a rock show and bars and restaurants. More

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