7-11 Employee Refuses Service To Marine After He Produces His Military ID

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Via The Blaze:

Collin Brown walked into a 7-Eleven in Redmond, Washington, last Wednesday and got himself a Slurpee.


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He also was looking to get cigarettes for his fiancee, so when the clerk asked Brown for proof of age, the Army reservist placed his military ID — which has his birthdate on the back and is a legal form of identification — on the counter.


“She said, ‘You’re in the military?’ I said, ‘Yes,’” Brown recounted to KIRO-TV.


Then came the response that threw Brown for a loop: “She said, ‘I can’t serve you.’”


“And honestly, I was at that point in shock,” he told the station. “I asked, ‘Are you serious?’”


“She looked at me like she was offended,” Brown added. More

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