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7 Years Later & Sarah Palin Is STILL Being Attacked!


Seven years after the 2008 U.S. presidential elections in which Alaska Governor Sarah Palin joined the Republican ticket as John McCain’s running mate, the former vice presidential candidate is still living rent free in the minds of Hollywood screenwriters. During Friday’s episode of veteran CBS procedural, Blue Bloods, the show took an overt swipe at Governor Palin and that infamous 2008 Katie Couric ambush interview.

When Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan-Boyle (Bridget Monahan) questions a victim she suspects to have actually been involved in a murder, the suspect quickly becomes flustered, frequently changing details about the attack. Later Reagan-Boyle’s partner Anthony Abetemarco (Steve Schirripa) asks how the interview went and she compares the suspect’s bumbling performance to “Sarah Palin fielding foreign policy questions.”

Abetemarco: So? How’d it go?


Reagan-Boyle: Like Sarah Palin fielding foreign policy questions.


Abetemarco: You know, I-I always thought that poor girl got a bad rap, you know that?


Reagan-Boyle: That’s great, Anthony. Is Louise making a call?


Abetemarco: She’s making one right now.

It’s been seven years, people, give it a rest!

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