80-Year-Old Christian Woman Boldly Faces ISIS ➠ Accepts Her Gruesome Fate


80-Year-Old Christian Woman Boldly Faces ISIS, Accepts Her Gruesome Fate

When Muhammad claimed from age 40 until the time of his death at age 62 that Allah was divulging to him pieces of the Quran at a time, his followers thought that these religious and political guidelines formed the perfect system by which all could live. Little did they know that the intolerable Sharia law would spur the onslaught of hundreds-of-millions of Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

If Allah cared so much for his devout followers, why would he delight in the slaughter of so many? While millions of Muslims have long attempted to gain Allah’s love through his commanded terror, the Islamic State is quickly garnering his attention with their latest barbaric endeavors — one in particular that has our stomach in knots.

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While Sharia law might be sufferable for the devout Muslim man who prays at least 5 times a day, pays zakat, adheres to every social aspect of governance, and doesn’t accidentally insult Muhammad by perusing the internet or adopting a puppy, it spells out imminent doom for anyone who cannot or will not commit their lives to Allah’s will.

For those who simply cannot go against their convictions to appease the Sharia enforcers, a gruesome and painful death awaits them, as Muhammad often exacted during the final years of his life after revelation of Allah’s “perfect word.”

Such was the case of an elderly woman in a village southeast of Mosul, Iraq, a bastion of ISIS.

AINA reports that an 80-year-old Assyrian Christian woman was brought before the Islamic State’s Sharia court last month for refusing to comply with Islamic law.

Rejecting her opportunity to repent and embrace Islam, the old woman accepted her fate under Islam. Her sentence was given — she would be put to death for crimes against Islam.

A representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Mosul, Sa’ed Mamuzini, confirmed that the woman, a resident of Karamlish, was set on fire and horrifically burned to death during her public execution. More


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