9/11 Tradition Canceled After Group Causes Uproar Over Three Words!


Americans joined together and became unified as a nation after the 9/11 attacks so many years ago. Along with that unification came a surge of patriotism. However, it seems one group has lost their pride for their country after they recently caused an uproar at an elementary school in New Jersey, all over a three simple words. Now, a 9/11 tradition will be no more.

Since the terror attacks, students at Glenview Elementary School in Haddon Heights have a tradition in which they proudly participate daily — that is, until now. Following their daily Pledge of Allegiance, they conclude by saying three simple words: “God bless America.”

Unfortunately, The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has caught wind of the patriotic tradition and have begun causing an uproar over the years-long tradition, claiming that the phrase promotes religion and that it is unconstitutional.

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“A concern has been raised … that this practice in invoking God’s blessing as a daily ritual is unconstitutional and in violation of the Establishment Clause, since it allegedly promotes religious over non-religious beliefs, especially with young, impressionable children,” the school’s Principal Sam Sassano explained, according to The Blaze, before defending the action by adding, “It has been our view that the practice is fundamentally patriotic in nature and does not invoke or advance any religious message, despite the specific reference to God’s blessing.”

Sadly, despite the principal’s statement and viewpoint on the matter, the school has already decided to eliminate the tradition. Although they are exploring “alternative methods” to continue honoring 9/11, the phrase “God bless America” is no longer allowed.

To twist the knife a little more, legal director for the ACLU of New Jersey, Ed Barocas, suggested, “If they’re looking for something patriotic there are a number of ways, including the phrase ‘united we stand,’ that can do that, without having the requirement of children as young as kindergarten to make this daily recitation asking for God’s blessing.”

9/11 Tradition No More After Group Causes Uproar Over Simple Three Words

“We teach the children to be respectful,” Sassano explained, according to Fox News. “So if they choose not to recite the pledge, they stand quietly. Nothing is forced on the child.”

Sassano has a bold solution for parents and children, knowing that everyone has a right to free speech. He said if parents want their children to say, “God bless America,” then he doesn’t feel he has the authority to prevent them from doing so. In other words, if students continue to say it themselves, no one can do anything about it.

It’s a shame that our country has gotten so engrossed in being “politically correct” that we have forgotten the ideals our nation was founded on. There’s nothing wrong with saying “God bless America” to honor the individuals who have sacrificed everything for us to live freely. More


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