At Least 95 Arrested For Breaking Store Windows And Setting Limo On Fire

What does smashing windows and setting limos on fire have to do with anything they are protesting? Those businesses did nothing to these protesters.


ABC News:

Violence flared on some streets of Washington, D.C., today amid Donald Trump’s inauguration — with people smashing car and store windows, clashing with police and even torching a limo.

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Police said they responded using pepper spray and other control devices. At least 95 people were arrested, the Metropolitan Police Department said this afternoon.

Thousands of protesters fanned out across downtown Washington in the morning, including some who tried to block security checkpoints to the inauguration festivities. Protests also cropped up in other parts of the country today, including San Francisco and outside Trump Tower in New York City.

The capital’s interim police chief, Peter Newsham, said in a Periscope video posted on Twitter that the problems were caused by one group, “and it’s a very, very small percentage of the number of folks that came here to peacefully assemble in our city.”

Dramatic video published on social media showed men and women using signs and sticks to shatter glass at a Starbucks and a bank. Police then attempted to chase down the suspected vandals.

Police said in a statement that an organized group marched through the northwestern part of the city around 10:30 a.m. and that “members of the group acting in a concerted effort engaged in acts of vandalism and several instances of destruction of property.”

The statement said that the group damaged vehicles, destroyed the property of multiple businesses and ignited small, isolated fires and that police vehicles were among those damaged.

The #DisruptJ20 coalition, named after the date of the inauguration, which promised that its participants would attempt to shut down the inauguration events, tangled with Bikers for Trump, a group clad in leather biker gear that backs the president.

Video on social media showed the two groups exchanging words and blows just before the start of inauguration festivities.

After the inauguration, protesters started a fire on the street, burning what appeared to be garbage and a plastic newspaper stand.

Later in the afternoon, protesters set on fire what appeared to be a stretch limo. Images on social media showed the words “We the people” spray-painted on a door of the vehicle. Smoke from the blaze could be seen streaming into the overcast sky. More

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