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A Big Win ➠ Army’s Delta Force Killed Islamic State’s Top Money Man


A Big Win: Army’s Delta Force Killed Islamic State’s Top Money Man

As we roll into Memorial Day weekend, commemorating America’s fallen service members—but really all our troops—you can’t help but feel a sense of pride about the U.S. Special Ops raid last weekend that took down a senior Islamic State leader.

In case you missed it: In a daring airborne assault, the U.S. Army’s Delta Force flew from Iraq into eastern Syria and killed the Islamic State’s “chief financial officer,” a Tunisian who went by the nom de guerre, Abu Sayyaf—or “bearer of the sword.”

Abu Sayyaf was the Islamic State’s money man, responsible for running its black market oil and natural gas operation—possibly amounting to millions of dollars a day that go to fund the caliphate and its marauding terrorist army.

Reportedly there was a fierce firefight with the terrorists at the Abu Sayyaf compound, including the Islamic State’s use of “human shields.” But not only were our troops able to get the target, they were also able to whisk Abu Sayyaf’s wife off to Iraq.

Beyond the intelligence that (Mrs.) Umm Sayyaf might spill to interrogators in Baghdad, our operators were also able to scoop up a potential treasure trove of materials at the compound.

From the computers, flash drives, cellphones, papers, etc. that U.S. forces took during the risky raid, we might be able to mine a mother lode about Islamic State operations, plans, resources and leadership.

Not only did we get in and out without losing anyone, senior Islamic State leaders must be very nervous. The Caliph & Co. won’t sleep well knowing that no matter where they hide, they’re not safe.

A big “win” for our guys and gals. More

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