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‘A Standing Order For Terrorism’ ➠ Catherine Herridge On Texas Gunmen’s ISIS Ties

Herridge on Texas Gunmen's ISIS Ties

‘A Standing Order for Terrorism’: Catherine Herridge on Texas Gunmen’s ISIS Ties

On tonight’s “On The Record,” Catherine Herridge shared information about the suspects in a shooting outside of a Muhammad cartoon event in Garland, Texas, and the men’s potential foreign terror ties.

Herridge reported that today Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee Michael McCaul confirmed that this was indeed terrorism and it was “ISIS-inspired.”

Herridge said that investigators are focusing on one particular tweet that came from a Briton based in Syria who’s reportedly a ringleader within the terror group.

“Almost immediately after the attack, he praised the two suspects,” Herridge said. “So this seems to show foreknowledge of the plot.”

Herridge added that it is currently unclear if the attack was directed by ISIS or just inspired by them.

“The general view within the intelligence community now is that these groups are inspired to act at a time of their choosing. It’s like a standing order for terrorism,” Herridge explained.

Herridge said that she also confirmed that there was a joint FBI-DHS bulletin in advance of the cartoon contest, warning that there could be trouble. More

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