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A Suicidal Veteran Called The VA’s Crisis Hotline. The Response He Got Will Make You Furious!

A Suicidal Veteran Called the VA’s Crisis Hotline. The Response He Got Will Make You Furious.

He is a veteran.

He was thinking about committing suicide.

But when he called the suicide hotline for veterans, he says he wasn’t helped — he was put on hold.

Ted Koran. (Image via WFTS-TV)

Ted Koran. (Image via WFTS-TV)

Ted Koran experienced deep depression on Saturday night, so much so that he considered killing himself, the Florida Air Force veteran told WFTS-TV.

“I was missing my wife,” he said of his life partner Karen, who died of cancer six months ago.

In his pain, he turned to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“I went to the only place that I knew and that I had available to me, the VA,” Koran said of calling the VA’s Veterans Crisis Hotline.

But help didn’t come.

Koran said he was put on hold repeatedly, the longest time for 10 minutes.

“I had to sit there patiently, in emotional distress, in tears, wanting to give up, desperately needing someone to talk to,” Koran said. “They had me on the [verge]of saying to hell with it.”

Koran added that when he finally did talk to a counselor, she was unhelpful.

What saved him in the end, he said, was the pack of 60 rescue animals he cares for.

“My wife and I saved them, and they saved me,” he told WFTS.

The VA estimates 22 veterans commit suicide every day, according to a Scripps national investigation. More

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