ABC, CBS Censor Study Showing Babies Viable at 22 Weeks

ABC, CBS Censor Study Showing Babies Viable at 22 Weeks

Broadcast networks have taken their cues from The New York Times, except when it publishes stories about babies that they don’t like.

study released Wednesday by The New England Journal of Medicine documented thousands of premature births to discover a small number of babies born at 22 weeks, with medical treatment available to them, survived with few health implications. The findings that could “affect the abortion debate” landed on the front page of the May 7 New York Times and garnered attention from NBC’s Today. Other media, like ABC and CBS, stayed silent during their morning and evening news shows.

On May 7, during NBC’s Today, co-anchor Natalie Morales introduced “some good news perhaps for parents” in the form of a “surprising new study with big implications.”

“Currently, most medical experts consider 24 weeks as the age of viability,” she said. “But now leading medical groups are considering reducing that.”

“And it could affect the abortion debate,” she added.

Stressing the study’s importance, Morales didn’t bring up the story just once – she detailed the “important new study” three times during the NBC broadcast.

Later on, Morales questioned NBC medical contributor Dr. Natalie Azar about the new findings.

“What are the implications of this?” she asked. “Why is this so important?”

Dr. Azar acknowledged the “very important” study affecting the 18,000 preemies born every year in the United States – with 5,000 born at 22 to 23 weeks. More


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