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ABC Speculates On Shooting ➠ Black Attorney General? Confederate Flag? ➠ Video

ABC Speculates on Shooting: Black Attorney General? Confederate Flag?

ABC on Thursday used the tragic shooting in South Carolina to wildly speculate and link other topics. Reporter Pierre Thomas offered, “Remember, the new attorney general, who is African-American, is a daughter of the south and the child of a Baptist minister.”

In a separate segment, correspondent Good Morning America‘s Paula Faris interjected, “One trending topic is whether or not South Carolina will fly the Confederate flag on top of the state capitol at half-staff.”


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: I want to go to Pierre Thomas now, our chief justice correspondent. They’re describing this as a hate crime, Pierre, and hate crimes across the south on the rise.

PIERRE THOMAS: Very much so, George. And this case is being given the highest priority. Last night the FBI director was notified and scores of FBI agents have been directed to participate in the investigation and the manhunt. This is being investigated, as you said, as a potential hate crime because the suspect is a white male and officials are well aware of the south’s history in regard to violence against black churches. Sources were stunned at cold-blood and calculated nature of the crime and there’s real concern, sources say, that this person could act again. More

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