ABC’s Martha Raddatz Gets RUDE With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

ABC's Martha Raddatz Gets RUDE With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Anyone else want to slap Martha, or was it just me?

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MARTHA RADDATZ, HOST: Joining us now, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Prime Minister, why do you think President Obama and John Kerry would want an agreement that, as you say, threatens the survival of Israel and paves the path to a bomb?

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BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, ISRAELI PRIME MINISTER: Well, I’m — it’s more they think it’s a good deal, but we differ. I think this is a — a bad deal. It leaves Iran with a vast nuclear infrastructure. It lifts the sanctions on them fairly quickly and enables them to get billions of dollars into their coffers. They’re not going to use it for schools or hospitals or roads, Martha, they’re going to use it to pump up their terror machine worldwide and their military machine that is busy conquering the Middle East now.

And third, it’s a temporary deal. That is, whatever restrictions are placed on Iran’s nuclear program, they’re removed after a few years and Iran will be free to have a vast arsenal with which to, uh, ultimately produce many nuclear bombs.

I think for the preeminent terrorist state of our time to have a free path, an easy pass to nuclear weapons endangers Israel, endangers the region, endangers the world, it endangers everyone listening to me right now.

RADDATZ: Do you think President Obama is just too trusting?

I mean it’s a legitimate question.

Why in the world would they do this if they thought the survival of Israel was at stake?

NETANYAHU: Look, I think we have a legitimate difference of view. And I think that it’s not only my own concerns. I think that the real concerns in the region, whatever is stated publicly as such, that if Iran is given this free path to the tomb, a deal that doesn’t block Iran’s path to nuclear weapons, but actually paves it, what will happen is that this will spark a nuclear arms race among the Sunni countries in the Middle East. And that would have — a nuclear-armed Middle East, I think that’s a global danger. I think it’s very, very bad.

RADDATZ: What will you do to try to stop this?

What will you do for the next three months?

NETANYAHU: Well, first of all, I think there is still time to reach a good deal, a better deal. And I think what is required is to hold firm, to increase the — the pressures until a better deal is achieved, one that significantly rolls back Iran’s nuclear infrastructure and one that doesn’t lift the restrictions on Iran — on Iran’s nuclear program until they stop their aggression in the region, until they…

RADDATZ: Well, that hasn’t really been decided yet…

NETANYAHU: — stop their terrorism worldwide. More

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