Abortionist Jokes In New Video… ‘A Baby’s Eyeball Fell Out In My Lap’


A video showing abortion executives applauding and laughing about late-term abortions has been leaked to the public.

“An eyeball just fell down into my lap and that’s gross, and I say to myself, ‘This abortion is going well; it’s going safely,'” said Dr. Uta Landy, reading comments from abortion providers during a conference in 2014.

Landy’s comments were accompanied by laughter and applause. She is the former director for Planned Parenthood California, according to the por life group Live Action News, and works for the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health in San Francisco.

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“I feel like any time you enter the body, it’s grotesque,” Landy declared to laughter. “I just want to honor that we have different feelings about this — we need to be prepared.”

Landy was reading comments from a fellow abortionist, saying that she, personally, finds late-term abortions disturbing but it is the responsibility to the patients that is primary. More



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