Former BLM Activist Quits After Discovering Soros Hacks Took Over Movement (Video)

This dude has got it figured out! They want us all to hate each other and continue this perpetual cycle of hate and destruction! He is telling the truth! I really hope his message gets through to a lot of people.

They will call him an uncle tom, in 3, 2, 1…

TGP: Their conspiracy is unraveling as people begin to wake up to the fact they’re being used by the globalists. It looks like another Black Lives Matter activist just woke up to reality. The activists on the street are Soros pawns in his war on the US.

“Chaziel Sunz” (that’s his YouTube name) recently posted video warning Black Lives Matter activists to wake up to the fact that Soros hacks took over the movement.

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Chaziel Sunz: They got us working for them. How they get us is they playing us emotionally… They getting anybody who basically doesn’t like Donald Trump to fight for war that is being started on American turf very, very soon. And they want us to be a part of their side. What I’m trying to get the black population to understand, and this is critical, is the movement has been compromised… BLM is not actually a black organization and never was… If you have any kind of brain you know BLM is endorsed by the Soros and Clinton family.

This is excellent. How refreshing to see a young black man see the light and express his truth openly.

That moment of clarity when you realize those who say they “got your back” are really just pushing you to the front line.

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