Activists DEMAND Flags Removed ➠ Georgia Park Has Just 3 Words For Them

Stone Mountain State Park near Atlanta, Georgia has recently come under attack for an assortment of Confederate flags —including the much contested rebel battle flag — which are proudly displayed as part of a historical monument there. Some people, including Rep. LaDawn Jones (D-62), are insisting the flag be removed. Until that happens, she is calling for a full boycott of the park. Park officials, however, seem to have sent a clear message in response to the demands, and the boycott that Ms. Jones and her cohorts probably won’t like.

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Since that crazy-idiot white boy tragically shot up the black church in South Carolina last month, there has been a surge in apparent cases of “Flagophobia” — an imaginary paranoia-based mental disorder in which some people irrationally believe that inanimate swaths of fabric have such power that they can influence any person who lays eyes on them to become helpless puppets in acting out the flag’s evil wishes. This disorder apparently doesn’t include American flags though. According to liberals, those are just “bits of cloth.”

In calling for a boycott on Stone Mountain Park, it seems that the progressives didn’t learn a thing from their Chick-fil-A boycott a while back, which resulted in record profits for the chicken moguls. When liberals throw a tantrum and start making demands, it typically has the opposite effect from what they’re trying to accomplish. According to NBC News 11 Alive, the Stone Mountain Memorial Association has basically told the Flagophobics to “get over it.”

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The association has determined that they will not be removing any of the flags and that Georgia law protects that decision.

But the Stone Mountain Memorial Association says the flags are not a sign of hate, they are part of a museum. And SMMA CEO Bill Stephens says, the memorial itself is actually protected by Georgia state law.


Stephens said in a statement:


“Stone Mountain is preserved by state law as a Confederate memorial. The law that changed the flag to our current state flag also expressly prohibits changes at Stone Mountain Park. Some on both sides of these issues have said that these Confederate symbols belong in a museum. Here in Georgia, Stone Mountain Park serves that purpose.”

According to WSB TV Atlanta, Stone Mountain Park’s Flag Terrace was donated by the United Daughters of the Confederacy back in 1964 and is considered a memorial, which prevents any changes being made without first changing the law. Stephens also stated that anyone who is caught tampering with the flags at the memorial will be charged with a crime. More

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