After Class On How To Treat Women… Teen Muslim Migrant Shows Just What He “Learned”

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Because of the massive wave of assault, robbery, and rape, leftists believe that the aggressive nature of Muslim migrants can be combatted with courses on “how to treat Western women.” However, as soon as a Muslim asylum seeker completed his recommended instruction, the migrant went to a female worker at the refugee center and demonstrated exactly how effective these liberal policies work.

An alleged “child refugee” has been arrested just weeks after completing a course on the proper treatment of non-Muslim women. The Afghani Muslim boy, believed to be 16, is being detained in youth custody, although he should deservedly be in prison for what he managed to accomplish against a volunteer at a Belgian refugee center.

The Daily Mail reports that the teen migrant followed a 25-year-old female worker from a catering business into the refugee center’s basement and brutally raped her. The Muslim refugee committed the heinous crime only 2 weeks after attending the required classes on not raping women, which useful liberal idiots think are fool-proof.

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“Two weeks ago we gave a course about how to treat women in Flanders and the boy was present there,” the spokeswoman said. More

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