After Further Review, Al Sharpton’s Group Back Tracks On Kid Rock Protest After Meeting With GM Executives


Via Detroit FREEP

Chevrolet will continue to sponsor Kid Rock’s summer concert tour and Rev. Charles Williams II and the National Action Network will stop protesting General Motors’ affiliation with the recording artist, who said he has not displayed the Confederate flag onstage in at least four years.

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After a meeting Thursday with Williams, other local clergy and executives with Chevrolet, GM issued the following statement:


“We had a very constructive conversation with Rev. Williams and we plan to continue the dialogue going forward. Chevrolet plans to continue its sponsorship of Kid Rock’s summer concert series.”


Williams, president of NAN’s Michigan chapter and pastor of King Solomon Baptist Church in Detroit, also called the meeting constructive and positive.


“There’s not a need to protest now,” Williams said. “It doesn’t mean it’s off the table, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t going to be escalated actions at some point. It just means the dialogue is going in the right direction, and we are looking forward to seeing if we can come to some solutions.”


Kid Rock had introduced the flag into his shows during the early 2000s, and in a 2002 Free Press interview he defended its use, calling it a symbol of Southern rock and rebellion.


But after the Detroit chapter of the NAACP gave him a Great Expectations Award in May 2011, he decided to stop using the flag. More

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