After ISIS Member Caught… PA On HIGH ALERT With Items Stolen At Building Sites (Video)


Last week, a suspected supporter of the Islamic State terror group (ISIS/Daesh) was arrested in Pennsylvania, igniting fears that there may be other terror sympathizers in the state. Apparently, authorities aren’t about to take any chances, and now Homeland Security is involved after authorities learned what’s being stolen from construction sites.

On December 17, 19-year-old Jalil Ibn Ameer Aziz was arrested in Harrisburg for conspiracy and attempting to provide material support to Daesh. Apparently, the terrorist-in-training was helping people trying to travel abroad to join Daesh, and a search of his home, which he shared with his parents, turned up numerous suspicious items, according to the Washington Times.

Aziz also used 57 different Twitter accounts to advocate for violence against America and, at one point, published the personal information of 100 U.S. military members while calling for violence against them. His arrest came just short time after the deadly terror attack in San Bernardino, and it highlights the growing concern over American citizens becoming fundamentalized here at home and planning attacks, which is likely why authorities in Philadelphia aren’t taking any chances after numerous propane tanks have recently been stolen.

ABC6 reports that over 40 very large propane tanks have been stolen from several different locations across the city, which caused local authorities to call in Homeland Security to assist with the investigation.  More

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