Alert: Democrats Making Their Move… Will Force Impeachment Vote (Video)

Leave it to Democrats to move forward with something not based on reality whatsoever…

On Wednesday, Democrat Rep. Al Green of Texas will introduce articles of impeachment against one Donald J. Trump, according to the Washington Examiner. Why you may ask? Well, according to a memo released by Green on Tuesday, why the heck not? This won’t end well for the Democrats.

“A common misconception associated with impeachment proceedings is that an impeachable offense must be explicitly illegal,” Green’s memo read.

House lawmakers will take their first vote on whether to impeach President Donald Trump this week if a Texas Democrat follows through on plans he announced to colleagues Tuesday.

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Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, said in a memo to fellow lawmakers that he planned to bring articles of impeachment to the House floor on Wednesday as a “privileged resolution,” one that would be entitled to a vote within two days under House rules.

Green has discussed impeaching Trump since the spring and previously filed impeachment articles in October, nearly forcing a vote at that time before House Democratic leaders convinced him to temporarily abandon the effort. Now Green says the time has come for his colleagues to weigh in.

In his memo circulated Tuesday, Green shared information on the impeachment process, the history of impeachment efforts and the nature of his charges. Read more at Chicago Tribune.

When your party is totally morally bankrupt and hate is all you’ve got left in your heart, this is what you do.

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