Al Qaeda Fighters Capture Major Airport In Southern Yemen

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Al Qaeda Fighters Capture Major Airport In Southern Yemen…

Just last week the White House continued to stand by Obama’s claim Yemen was one if his “success stories.”

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SANAA, Yemen (AP) – Military officials and residents say Al Qaeda has taken control of a major airport in southern Yemen after briefly clashing with troops.


The officials say Al Qaeda fighters clashed Thursday with members of the infantry brigade in charge of protecting the Riyan airport in the city of Mukalla, a major port city and the provincial capital of Yemen’s largest province, Hadramawt.


Al Qaeda overran the city itself earlier this month and freed inmates, including a militant commander, from its prison.


Nasser Baqazouz, an activist in the city, said the troops guarding the airport put up little resistance.


Al Qaeda’s powerful local branch has exploited the chaos in Yemen, where Shiite rebels and military units loyal to a former president captured the capital in September and have been advancing despite a three-week Saudi-led air campaign.

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