Al Sharpton Compares NFL Players To Slaves On A Plantation

Al Sharpton is the biggest racist in America… He couldn’t really believe that these overpaid, spoiled, racist football players are slaves. We’re sick and tired of his race hustling just to make a few bucks.

It’s a plantation mentality for a boss to tell his employees, who are among the highest paid people in the world, to stop protesting at work, because it’s hurting their business? They are free to quit if they don’t like it. BTW, slaves don’t make money.

100%FedUp: The new buzzword that’s taken over for the old buzzword is plantation. It’s the trigger word used just like the word racist was used before. It’s supposed to make people feel ashamed or bad for the past. The only problem is you can see the strategy from a mile away and we’re not buying it!

MSNBC commentator Al Sharpton compared the NFL to a slave plantation on “Deadline: White House” on Thursday.

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“When 75 percent of the players are black, what percentage of the owners are black?” Sharpton asked.

Host Nicolle Wallace pointed out that none of the owners were black.

“So you have an all-white league of owners making the decisions,” Sharpton said.

The roster of NFL owners includes Kim Pegula (Buffalo Bills), a Korean woman, and Shahid Khan (Jacksonville Jaguars), a Middle Eastern man.

“You put that with the fact that Jerry Jones takes a knee one day in the name of unity, but says, ‘I’m going to bench you if you take a knee.’ That’s a plantation kind of mentality!” Sharpton exclaimed.

The commentator left out that Jones had knelt in unison with his players, black and white, and not during the national anthem.

“Don’t you dare bend your knee by yourself boys and think for yourself!” he added, imitating his perception of Jones.

Wallace joked that Trump was “in the little boys’ room.”

“All white men in power, we know how this story ends, if you look at Hollywood,” Wallace added. More

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