Al Sharpton Starts New Website To Target Conservative Bloggers



Bring it on.

Via The Blaze

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Al Sharpton’s civil rights advocacy organization announced this week that it will soon be launching a new project — a blog aimed at criticizing the media.


In a statement posted to Instagram by Rachel Noerdlinger, Sharpton’s long-serving spokeswomen, National Action Network announced the new project, to be called The Shift Daily, with a message: “Journalists, writers, and bloggers: we are looking for you.”


“For decades reporters & now bloggers have been writing about [Sharpton] & [National Action Network],” Noerdlinger wrote on Instagram. “Now NAN will flip the script & write about them. They say if you don’t define your reality, others will do it for you.”[…]


Capital New York reported that NAN’s project was announced amid the news of some major rescheduling at MSNBC. More

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