Al Sharpton’s Delinquent Taxes Continue To Grow!

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You And I Paid Taxes Yesterday, But Al Sharpton’s Delinquent Taxes Continue To Grow….

Race-baiter exception…

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Via NY Post:

Taxpayers across the country scrambled to file their returns this week, and many wrote checks to the government. Yet, when it comes to taxes, there’s one New York “celeb” who seems to be getting a pass from the state: the Rev. Al Sharpton.


From first-class plane tickets to a swanky apartment at the Helmsley Carlton House, it’s clear Al Sharpton has been living a life of luxury — especially for a man who’s built his career on advocacy for the underprivileged.


Yet Sharpton owes as much as $4.5 million in back taxes and penalties.


Dozens of pages of tax warrants and liens show that, at best, Sharpton has been deeply negligent, and at worst, he’s gaming the system. Which raises the question: Why does New York keep letting him get away with it?


Take three quick examples.
Exhibit 1: The balance on Sharpton’s tax debt has continued to grow, even after he reached a settlement with the taxman, The New York Times has reported. The snapshot view provided by New York tax warrants suggests Sharpton and three of his now-defunct companies owe the state over $876,000.
Sharpton claims he’s stuck to the payment plan detailed in his settlement. But the government structures settlements so debtors can reduce and eventually eliminate tax debt. More

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