Al Sharpton’s Group Pressuring GM To Pull Its Sponsorship Of Kid Rock Tour Because He Displays The Confederate Flag

Rock-n-Roll=> Ted Nugent and Kid Rock Team Up to Record ‘Kiss My Rebel Ass’-media-1



Anyone see GM not caving on this? I don’t.

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DETROIT (AP) –  Activists in Detroit trying to persuade Kid Rock to stop displaying the Confederate flag at concerts plan to meet this week with General Motors over the Chevrolet brand’s sponsorship of the musician’s summer tour.


National Action Network Detroit chapter president, the Rev. Charles Williams II, told The Associated Press Tuesday that “the best resolution is for GM to pull their sponsorship” of Kid Rock.


South Carolina removed the flag from its Statehouse weeks after the shooting deaths of nine people at a historically black church. The man charged in the shooting is shown in pictures with the flag.


Kid Rock, who was born Robert Ritchie and lives in suburban Detroit, has been criticized for displaying the flag on stage.


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