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All HELL Breaks Loose When Muslim Father Suspects His Daughter Is Gay


All HELL Breaks Loose When Muslim Father Suspects His Daughter Is Gay

The left would have you believe that white, conservative Christians are the most dangerous threat to the LBGT community, but the truth is that their biggest enemy is a minority group as small, yet boisterous, as they are.

While Christianity might tell gays to “go and sin no more,” Islam will make certain that’s what they do. The Hadith instructs that if a person is suspected of homosexuality, they are to be thrown from the highest building in the city and subsequently stoned to death.

Although homosexuality warrants the death penalty under Sharia law, there are many other punishable offenses, and the sentencing knows no age or gender.

To this day, no country is left untainted by Islam, even the island nation of New Zealand. In fact, as one case was recently discovered, it may very well be the perfect place to hide the horrors that are inherent with Muhammadanism.

The New Zealand Herald reports that a Muslim father has inflicted horrific abuse upon his children, ages 14, 5 and 1.

The man was arrested with 16 counts of abuses, including beating with his fists, a horse whip, and an umbrella upon his minor children.

One of the beatings in particular came after the father, whose name has been withheld to protect his children’s identities, suspected his 14-year-old daughter of being gay when he heard rumor that the young girl had kissed and hugged her female friend at school as a greeting:

He was angry because homosexuality “is contrary and in direct conflict to his interpretation of the Islamic faith”, the summary of facts said.


The man beat his daughter with a blue and green checkered umbrella, first around the torso, and when she fled to the lounge, he followed her and continued to hit her “five times to her head and body”.


“The victim put up her arms to defend herself and in the process caused the umbrella to break on impact,” it states.

From this one beating, the teen suffered extensive bleeding from her nose, lacerations to her hands, and bruising of her extremities.

The man also admitted to causing horrific injuries to the same daughter in 2013 after she sneaked some of her father’s synthetic marijuana to school:

“When the victim crouched over to protect herself from the barrage of punches, the defendant pulled up her head by the hair and punched her in the stomach before slapping her face several times.”


She suffered two black eyes, a broken tooth, a fractured nose and bruising to her back.

As for the younger children, their Muslim father repeatedly used a “horse whip,” sticks, a hammer, and bricks to punish them, hurling various objects at the children when they became unruly.

The man admitted to the court that he had hit his 5-year-old and 1-year-old sons in their faces and picked up the older of the two and threw him to the floor. More

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