‘ALL OUT WAR’ ➠ Protesters And Police Battle In Baltimore ➠ Video

‘ALL OUT WAR’: Protesters and Police Battle in Baltimore

On CNN in the last hour, Jake Tapper interviewed Erica Green f the Baltimore Sun by phone from her vantage point on the ground during the riots in Baltimore. Tapper asked the reporter to describe what happened and her answer tells the tale of the day.

“There was a notification that went out that students would be gathering here, um,, after school. I got here around 3:30. When I got here it was much more than a gathering, it was, frankly, just an all out war between police officers and students in the neighborhood. Bricks, rocks, glass, tires, trash cans, anything that could be thrown was thrown. I saw officers badly injured. I’ve seen journalists assaulted. It’s just been absolutely insane.”

As the reporter continues to describe events, the live footage in the background via WJZ in Baltimore shows police taking down some of the rioters.

Shortly after the interview there was a police press conference during which several injuries were confirmed.

'ALL OUT WAR' ➠ Protesters And Police Battle In Baltimore

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