Alleged Disabled Texas Veteran Vandalizes Own Truck With Anti-Police Messages



Time for him to show his DD 214 to prove his veteran status.

Via NY Daily News:

A Texas man who received $6,000 from sympathizers after he claimed miscreants vandalized his truck with anti-police messages has been arrested after authorities say he scrawled the graffiti himself.


Scott Lattin was hauled away from his home in handcuffs Friday by police who say he lied earlier this month about how the “Black Lives Matters” messages and expletives were spray painted on his white pickup truck.


The disabled veteran had blamed vandals, telling Fox 4 News his truck was targeted because his family visibly backed law enforcement officers.


He had “Police Lives Matter” written on the rear window of his car and blue ribbons tied around his property to show his support.


“They need support so they can feel what they do, putting their lives on the line every day, is worth it,” Lattin told the news station last week.[…]


Dozens of donations started pouring in for the family through a GoFundMe page after the news station broke the story.


Many were police officers or relatives of cops.


It raised about $6,000 before it was taken down.


But police now believe he made the whole thing up to collect insurance money after noticing discrepancies in his story.


There was no damage to the inside of his truck when police arrived to take the initial report, but they suddenly appeared when reporters came to interview him, Whitney Police Chief Chris Bentley told Fox 4.

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