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Alleged Kidnappers In Denise Huskins Case Threaten Police In Email


Alleged Kidnappers In Denise Huskins Case Threaten Police In Email

Alleged Kidnappers in Denise Huskins Case Threaten Police in Email

There’s a brand-new twist in an alleged kidnapping case in California.

Authorities have called the March 23 kidnapping and ransom of 29-year-old Denise Huskins an “orchestrated event,” despite claims by attorneys representing Huskins and her boyfriend that an actual kidnapping occurred.

Then, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Tuesday that it received an anonymous email from the alleged abductors, demanding that the Vallejo Police Department apologize to Huskins by noon on Tuesday for saying her purported ordeal was a hoax. If not, the kidnappers threatened that they “may be the direct agent of harm” against police.

Anna Kooiman reported on “Fox and Friends” that the email claims that they drilled into Huskins windows and used realistic-looking squirt guns to to take her away. The email also says that it was a practice run for kidnapping future high-profile victims.

“The Mare Island kidnapping was a training mission to test means and methods that would be used on higher net worth targets,” the anonymous sender wrote in the 9,000-word email.

The Los Angeles Times says it also received an email from an anonymous sender, but police have declined to comment about the email. Its authenticity has not been verified.

The emails reportedly have been sent from dummy accounts, with names like [email protected]

The police and FBI have not commented on the emails.

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