Allen West Issues Nationwide “Cake Challenge” & It’s Going To Drive Liberals INSANE!


We live in a strange time, where liberalism has turned tolerance into one of the most intolerant forces in the world. Now, business owners are being sued and put out of business simply for sticking by their Christian beliefs.

Former Congressman Allen West is sick of it, and after seeing one too many family-owned bakeries sued by a gay couple for refusing to bake them a wedding cake, he came up with a “cake challenge” of his own that’s going to drive liberals mad.

Lt. Col. West, a conservative favorite for many years, discussed the case of Jack Phillips, the owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop. A Colorado court found that he could not refuse to make a wedding cake for homosexual couples based on Colorado’s anti-discrimination laws.

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“So, we’ve come full circle and now are violating the exact meaning of ‘separation of church and state,’” West declared. “Our government is now persecuting Christians for their beliefs.”

“This is a cause for civil disobedience, and I expect that’s where we’re headed,” he predicted.

Then, West unleashed his plan to expose the hypocrisy of the liberal left:

“In that spirit, I’d like to issue a challenge to this audience: how many of you can get a bakery near you to make a Confederate flag cake?”

“If Christian bakers in the United States are now being forced to make same-sex wedding cakes that violate their religious beliefs, surely it’s incumbent upon all bakers to honor a request for a Confederate flag cake that pays homage to some Americans’ heritage.”

It’s here worth pointing out that West is African American, so accusing him of racism in this case is going to be something of a stretch. After all, he just wants people to celebrate something he feels is intrinsically part of Southern heritage.

West’s challenge has over 39,000 likes on Facebook and has been shared over 7,000 times. It’s easy to see why: He was able to pierce the armor of liberal hypocrisy with just a single thrust.

No liberal would say that someone should be forced to bake a cake in the shape of a Confederate flag. They would argue that the flag is a symbol of hate and that forcing someone to bake it is reprehensible.

However, the belief that the Confederate flag is a symbol of hate is just that — a belief. It’s not backed up by anything other than that the holder of the belief believes it to be so.

Whether or not you support gay marriage or not, the belief that it’s wrong is a religious belief backed up by Scripture. Whether or not you like it, religious beliefs are backed up by the First Amendment and 6,000 years of tradition.

We support Allen West’s cake challenge and hope that it will cause America to come to its senses over this contentious issue. Please like and share this on Facebook and Twitter to help make that happen.

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