Poll: Americans Sick Of Incessant Trump-Bashing In Pop Culture

A large majority of Americans are fed up with all this bashing and outright lies.

Every voter needs to remember this November that every single Democrat voted against tax reform. This tax reform is fueling a robust economy and record low unemployment.

Democrats only offer up welfare and more food stamps while Republicans offer jobs and a real future.

Survey finds 43 percent of likely voters think there’s too much Trump-bashing in popular culture; comedian Michael Loftus reacts.

Poll: Americans Sick Of Endless Trump-BashingBH:

Anyone expecting President Trump supporters to soften up on their allegiance to the president heading into the November midterm elections is sadly mistaken.

This past week, Democrats, the FBI, and the liberal elite media gave Team Trump strong reasons to remain solidly behind the Republican commander in chief and his “drain the swamp” cause.

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One can also argue that women voters and independents are getting tired of the incessant Trump bashing — especially when the president and his supposedly short-staffed administration (excluding the “traitorous” leakers) are piling up significant victories in domestic and foreign affairs, i.e., tax reform, employment gains, historic trade talks with China, historic denuclearization talks with North Korea, the release of three U.S. citizens held hostage in North Korea … the list goes on and on.

The media and Democrats, however, have treated these stories just like they were a bunch of “American Bandstand” one-hit wonders of the 1960s.

So what’s been the media focus of the week?

President Trump referred to members of the notoriously violent MS-13 street gang as “animals.” He has used the same MS-13 description many times before, so the press was well aware of it. Still, it didn’t stop beat writers from The New York Times, Washington Post, and Associated Press, plus TV network and cable yakkers, from falsely reporting Trump’s remarks.

They lumped in all illegal immigrants as “animals” with MS-13 kidnappers, rapists (especially child rapists) and murderers, and attributed it to the president. More

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