Andrea Mitchell: Hillary Clinton Will Have To Own Any Fallout From Nuclear Deal With Iran





MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell said on Thursday that Hillary Clinton will have to “own” the fallout of an Iran nuclear deal if one is struck.

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Reporting from Vienna, Mitchell said that Secretary of State John Kerry is involved in “secret negotiations” that originated with his predecessor, Hillary Clinton.

Because of her involvement laying the groundwork for a rapprochement with Iran, Mitchell says that Clinton shares responsibility for the deal’s consequences.

“She’s going to have to own this politically — the pros and cons of this deal — if it comes together,” Mitchell said.

Critics contend that announced aspects of the deal do not close off Iran’s pathway to a bomb. They further argue the deal does not address Iran’s export of terror and instability to the Middle East.

Clinton announced in April that she “strongly supports” President Obama’s and Secretary Kerry’s diplomacy with Iran.


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