Anonymous Just Got ‘Personal’ In ISIS War

Anonymous Just Got ‘Personal’ In ISIS War

Earlier this week, the hacktivist group Anonymous declared war on the Islamic State (ISIS) and delivered a punishing blow to the Muslim extremists by shutting down thousands of their social media profiles. Well, the group doesn’t appear to be messing around this time, as they just delivered another crushing blow, and it’s what we’ve all been begging for someone to do.

On Monday, I reported to you about Anonymous’ latest effort, which they’re calling #OpParis, where the hacktivist group vigorously attacked the social media accounts and websites known to have ties to ISIS, effectively taking them offline. Apparently, the group wasn’t stopping there though, and a new report from the Guardian details how they’ve ramped up their efforts by taking things to a much more personal level with ISIS, which has been long overdue.

On Monday, the group had reportedly shut down over 1,700 accounts, and it took them just 24 hours. Well, they’ve had a few more days to work on it, and now, they’ve been able to take over 5,500 accounts offline, which is undoubtedly a blow to the communications of ISIS, since the terror group relies heavily on social media for recruiting and coordination. But it gets better, or worse, if you’re a member of ISIS.

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Apparently, the group has been able to not only identify individuals associated with ISIS, but they’ve posted their personal information online for authorities to see. Things such as their names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and other vital information have been posted to social media from at least one of their accounts, reports TechInsider.



While it’s definitely a good thing to have the members of ISIS brought out from the shadows, it is important to note that Anonymous has been wrong in the past with identifying people. However, it’s really not that hard to figure out who does and who doesn’t support the terror group, so it’s likely a safe bet to assume they’re not too far off with this one. More

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