Anonymous Takes Down Thousands Of ISIS Twitter Accounts

Anonymous Takes Down Thousands Of ISIS Twitter Accounts

The writer doesn’t fully understand Anonymous. Anonymous is not one unified group, one part is very left and helped start Occupy and started things like Op Ferguson, trying to promote the chaos in Ferguson.

But there are also other elements, including patriotic elements, such as the folks behind this effort. So kudos to these guys for making it just a little bit harder on the terrorists.

Via Breitbart:

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Defying expectations, the loose-knit online group Anonymous has landed a blow against the Islamic State’s online presence.


After ‘declaring war’ on ISIS this weekend, the amorphous hacking collective reports that over 5,500 ISIS-affiliated accounts on Twitter have been exposed and taken down.


Since the weekend, Anonymous have been tracking down the Twitter accounts of ISIS supporters, compiling them in online documents, and reporting them to Twitter for suspension. While it is hard to verify the 5,500 figure, online lists seen by Breitbart Tech suggests that the number of ISIS accounts suspended as a result of Anonymous’ efforts number in the thousands. More


ISIS’s response?

Via The Hill:

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is trying to get ahead of the hacking collective Anonymous and blasting them as “idiots” after they declared cyber war on the terrorist group after last Friday’s deadly attacks in Paris.


Shortly after Anonymous made its announcement, ISIS distributed a list of tips to its followers in an attempt to help them fend off the digital onslaught, according to several reports.

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