Another Emergency Exit From Planned Parenthood


Another Emergency Exit From Planned Parenthood

In what has become habitual, on March 7 a patient at the Central West End Health Center of Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, Missouri, had to be taken to a hospital for emergency care. Photographs of the woman who was wearing a hospital gown as she was wheeled out in pain were posted by the Coalition for Life in St. Louis. According to Lifenews, this was the 28th time a patient from the abortion facility had to be sent to the hospital for emergency care in less than six years.

A Coalition for Life volunteer, Kenneth Capps, told Lifenews, “The woman had blonde hair, appeared to be about in her thirties, was extremely pale and could be heard audibly wailing.” He reported that a fire truck and emergency response crew came to the abortion facility first, followed by an ambulance 15 minutes later. Only ten minutes after the ambulance arrived was the woman loaded into the ambulance and driven to the hospital.

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman told Lifenews, “Unfortunately, we may never know any more about this medical emergency since the St. Louis Fire Department is refusing to comply with public records laws and continues to conceal 911 records involving abortion-related emergencies at Planned Parenthood.” Operation Rescue has been trying to procure 911 records dealing with Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, but has been stymied, so they have sued the St. Louis Fire Department in order to obtain the records. The 57 records Operation Rescue does have were heavily redacted and thus unusable to glean information from. More

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