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Another Liberal Slams Hillary Clinton’s ‘Disastrous’ And ’Horrible’ Campaign

Another Liberal Slams Hillary Clinton’s ‘Disastrous’ And ’Horrible’ Campaign

Another Liberal Slams Hillary Clinton’s ‘Disastrous’ And ’Horrible’ Campaign

Hillary Clinton’s campaign follies are now beginning to draw the ire of her liberal pals. The former Secretary of State, since her announcement, does not seem to have done much to quell the out-of-touch, elitist notions her name carries. Some in the media are wondering if her communications team is keeping the former first lady away from the press.

Adding to Clinton’s disapproval, a panel on MSNBC’s Up with Steve Kornacki had some stinging criticism for the leading Democratic candidate.

“All political campaigns are contrived,” Forbes contributor Rick Ungar said. “But the whole point of a good one is to contrive the campaign to not appear contrived. And I don’t think I’ve seen a more contrived-appearing campaign ever. It’s just been horrible.”

“It’s been a huge distraction I think,” Republican strategist Mercedes Schlapp said. “The problem is we didn’t even know she was talking about these messages because it was too busy talking about where her Scooby Doo mystery van was going. It’s just been a disaster for the first week.”

“I would say the message has gotten lost partly because of the media’s coverage of it,” National Journal’s Lauren Fox said. “Also partly because none of the messages she’s come out with so far have been surprising.”

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