Another Mass Murder Just Took Place As The World Focuses On Last Year



August 9 marks the one-year anniversary of the highly publicized shooting of Michael Brown. In memory of the slain teen, protests have been organized in numerous metropolitan cities around the country as his family continues to verbalize their lament over the loss of their loved one.



In fact, details about the protests have dominated headlines so much to the point where most Americans are totally unaware of the mass murder that took place in Texas. According to WSB-TV, eight people — including three adults and five children — were found dead inside of a Houston home on the evening of Saturday, August 8.

It has been reported that deputies with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office made the gruesome discovery when they were dispatched to the home for a welfare check. However, the routine visit took a deadly turn when deputies were welcomed by an uninvited guest, later identified as David Ray Conley, III.




Breitbart has reported that Conley is definitely no stranger to criminal activity. The publication has reportedly obtained details about Conley’s extensive criminal record with several domestic violence charges.

David Ray Conley, III, who has a lengthy criminal record that included several cases of domestic violence, a search of court records by Breitbart Texas revealed. That record includes felony and misdemeanor charges of assault on a family member, a felony charge of retaliation, felony possession of crack cocaine, felony robbery charges, evading arrest, criminal trespass, and felony auto theft. His criminal record in Harris County dates back to 1988. He has been seen before judges in at least six different misdemeanor and felony courts in Houston.


The warrant for his arrest was issued on July 8, court records revealed. He was charged with felony family assault and listed as a 2-time offender. He allegedly injured his girlfriend, Valerie Jackson by pushing her “head into a refrigerator with his hand.” His address for this offense is listed as 2211 Falling Oaks Road in Houston. This is the address where the mass murders took place. – Breitbart


The alleged suspect was already wanted by the police for the aggravated assault of a family member. But, officers learned he’d committed a far worse crime than assault when they entered the home. Deputies reportedly saw the lifeless body of a child from outside the window and forced their way into the home.



The forced entry reportedly led to a shootout, and deputies immediately retreated to wait for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office High Risk Operations Unit and Hostage Negotiation Team. Conley finally surrendered about an hour later, but unfortunately the damage had already been done. Conley has been charged with three counts of capital murder. In the state of Texas, one capital murder charge can count toward multiple deaths. He is currently being held in the Harris County Jail without bond.

Although some Americans are still mourning the death of Michael Brown and ALL lives are important, the matter at hand should be receiving much more media attention than an incident of the past that has only fueled division and more racial tension across the country.



There were innocent children, reportedly under the age of six, who were victims of an angry man’s wrath, and their lives are just as important. The media really needs to regain focus and pay attention to the matters at hand. We can’t change yesterday, but we can work towards a better tomorrow.

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