AOC Uses Coronavirus-Affected Economy To Bash

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez uses the coronavirus-affected economy to bash capitalism.

“When late stage capitalism takes a selfie,” AOC wrote, providing a screenshot of a news report showing the DOW on the upswing and 16 million Americans losing their jobs:


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on Friday used the negative economic reality caused by the Chinese coronavirus to take a shot at capitalism.

Nearly 17 million Americans have filed for unemployment over the last three weeks as the economy virtually shut down as a result of the coronavirus. The vast majority of Americans are under some form of a lockdown order, leaving many small businesses struggling to stay afloat and millions of Americans unable to go to work.

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Several social media users were annoyed by Ocasio-Cortez’s conclusion.

“It’s not capitalism. It’s a virus,” one user said.

“Capitalism caused the pandemic?” another asked. “Coulda fooled me; I thought it was because the (communist) government of China lied to the entire world, forcing everyone to lock things down to prevent chaos. More

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